Sunday, January 26, 2020


More Than Sandwich Makers!

While surfing on Facebook one day, I came across a post from a popular...

All About Hoagy’s Heroes!

As stated in their mission statement,  Hoagy’s Heroes, Inc  is an organization that operates...

A Family Ride To 49 States!

As the old saying goes, Love makes the world go around; Family makes it...

One Epic Ride-48 States Plus 1!

Who would have ever thought, a simple phone call would end in such an...

Preparing For A Long Distance Ride!

The highway can be intimidating, as things can change within a matter of minutes....

Hashtag: Beat Cancer Then Ride!

Riding motorcycles for most is so much more than an enjoyable pastime! It’s therapeutic....

Key West: A Major Motorcyclist Attraction!

What has become a major attraction to motorcycle enthusiasts, sits in the most southern tip of Florida. Known as Key West, an island in the Straits of Florida, attracts motorcyclist from all parts of the country.

May: Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! What Can I Do?

Have you ever had a close call on your motorcycle? Have you had one of those pucker moments where you have to pull over and collect yourself before you ride any further? I know I have. Frankly, I think we all know....

Riding In Thailand

As a motorcycle enthusiast, one can appreciate the universal love of riding on two wheels. With few exceptions, no matter the country or place, you will always find a population of those that share a passion for riding. [...]

America’s Ultimate Long Distance Riders (AULDR)

Life will sometimes serve us experiences, that will ultimately change us forever. It teaches us that we must stop moving at times, to slow down and live in that very, single moment. Moving forward, in return, we [...]


A Family Ride To 49 States!

Ground Pounding At Sixteen!

Leading An Empire!

Queen of the South