Southernmost Point marker, Key West, Florida, USA

What has become a major attraction to motorcycle enthusiasts, sits in the most southern tip of Florida. Known as Key West, an island in the Straits of Florida, attracts motorcyclist from all parts of the country. Its beautiful coral reefs and scenic highways, are a sight to see while riding. On two separate corners, are landmarks that hundreds of thousands of tourist visit each year……one being the Mile Marker Zero, where US Highway 1 ends, and the other being the monument indicating the Southernmost Point in the continental USA. Here are 23 facts and photos of Key West, Florida and the landmarks, Mile Marker Zero and the Southernmost Point Buoy.


1. Key West, FL is the Most Southern Point in the Continental US.

2. Key West is Roughly 90 Miles From Cuba.

3. Key West Has a Tropical Savanna Climate.

4. US 1 is Locally Known as the Overseas Highway.


5. Overseas Highway is a 113 Mile Stretch that Runs From Miami to Key West.


6. The Overseas Highway Crosses Over the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Strait.


7. US Route 1 Runs From Key West, Florida to Kent, Maine.


8. US Route 1 is the Longest North/South Road in the United States.

9. US Route 1 is 2,369 Miles Long.


10. The Green and White Mile Zero Sign is Roughly One Mile From the Southernmost Point Buoy Monument.


11. The Southernmost Point Marker was Built to Resemble a Buoy.


12. The Southernmost Point Buoy was built in 1983.


13. There is a Plaque Near the Buoy to Honor the Many Cubans that have Drowned Trying to Get to the US.


14. The Concrete Buoy-Southernmost Point is Located at South St and Whitehead St.


15. The Southernmost Point Buoy is Painted with Red, Black and Yellow Stripes.


16. At the Top of the Southernmost Point Buoy is the Symbol for the Conch Republic.


17. The Southernmost Point Buoy is One of the Most Visited and Photographed Monuments in the US.


18. The Mile Marker Zero Sign is Often Stolen and Replaced.


19. Mile Marker Zero is Located at the Intersection of Whitehead St and Fleming St.


20. Key West was Home to Harry S. Truman Winter White House.


21. US Route 1 Connects Most of the Major Eastern Cities in the US.


22. Cuba is Actually 94 Miles from Key West. The Number is Rounded Up to 90.


23. The Island of Key West is About 4 miles Long and 1 Mile Wide.