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Let’s just skip the bull, and cut right to the chase! After all, that’s pretty much how they do it! Known for their realness, their thought-provoking topics, and sometimes their mildly opinionated conversations and discussions, SUCKA FREE MC is on a mission – a mission to educate the ignorant, the naive, or less informed on what they consider traditional motorcycle protocol. Founded by Preach in 2011, their staff consists of experienced, veteran bikers and 1%ers that have learned through the course of their years of riding — the do’s and don’ts of what should and shouldn’t be, as it relates to the motorcycle community. They consist of multiple writers and editors and have backgrounds from various elements within the motorcycle community.  As their site disclaims, the guidelines offered by SUCKA FREE MC, have no bearing on their associated clubs and are generalized principles passed down as traditional motorcycle protocols.

Courtesy of SFMC

I had a conversation with 2 Gunz 1%ER, a Caucasian 1%er, that frequently writes for the SUCKA FREE MC forum, since joining the team in 2013. With almost 40 years of riding experience, stemming from 1976, I asked how was he formally introduced to traditional motorcycle protocol. He stated in the late 1970’s he would hang out in Oakland, CA where he was raised, at the BBQ’s and park gatherings of the East Bay Dragons MC. He also stated that he would hang with his uncle around the Soul Brothers MC in Stockton, CA just listening and soaking up knowledge from them. He understood that talking less, listening more, and absorbing as much information as he could would prove to be beneficial. He washed bikes in exchange for the knowledge he gained, and asked questions as needed. He shared that washing bikes was not to make him look bad, but to teach that knowledge comes with a price tag.

I asked how has the motorcycle community changed, since he started riding in the late 1970’s. He used the term “microwave bikers” to sum up much of what is the current norm in the motorcycle community. He indicated that bikers now a days want to be RESPECTED, but have no clue of what the word means. “They want instant gratification, but don’t want to put in the work. ” He stated that “one day they are about that life, and their club, and the next week they have on a vest from another club.” He felt that the motorcycle community models what you see in every day life…..people wanting something for nothing, and not willing to learn and put their heart into it. I would suspect that a lack of loyalty also contributed to this new wave of riders.

When asked whose responsibility is it to teach the ignorant or the riders that are not educated on proper protocol, 2 Gunz 1%ER stated that it’s their chapter’s responsibility to teach protocol and the club’s customs, if it is a prospect. He continued stating, once the person is a patched member, again, it’s their chapters responsibility to teach the local protocols of their community. However, if it’s a Riding Club (RC) or MA (?), they should be seeking information from the dominant club in that community. When ask of his opinion on co-ed motorcycle clubs, he stated honestly, that he feels they bring more issues than they are worth. As a white 1%er, he advised that a female officer of a co-ed MC would get embarrassed for trying to approach them with questions. He did state that it maybe more acceptable in the urban motorcycle community, but any club that allows a female officer in a co-ed MC to approach them will have lost their respect as a club. Traditionally, he advised that co-ed clubs do not meet the standard definition of a motorcycle club, and should be considered a riding club. Either the club should be ALL male or ALL female, and just because it is 2016, doesn’t make it right……tradition is tradition!

With nearly 40,000 members following the SUCKA FREE MC page, I asked what would he suggest attributes to the large numbers. He stated that they keep it real, by not cutting corners and eliminating all bull shit! He stated the forum is available for questions and voiced opinions, as long as they are being respectful. He mentioned that they will put clubs on blast, posting photos of them when they are doing things that are not within motorcycle protocol. He gave the example of clubs that take photos with their vest worn backwards on their chest. These types of things are called out, stating they are a disgrace to bikers that have died and clubs that have lost riders. By them keeping it real, and saying things that others want to say but can’t, keeps the audience engaged.

2 Gunz 1%ER added that movies such as Biker Boyz and Turbo brought forth a lot of new riders, that had NO IDEA what they were getting themselves into. He stated that “they were stepping on toes, and walking on grounds that historically were never crossed.” In return, some of these riders found themselves engaged with traditional bikers that weren’t happy with their areas being encroached, and so they were confronted and taught lessons concerning the issues. SUCKA FREE MC tries to be PROACTIVE by presenting protocols and customary values that the average motorcycle rider should know. He mentioned that it doesn’t mean that you may not get approached, however the chances of being approached is dramatically less by being informed of the topics discussed via their SUCKA FREE MC page.

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Protocol recommendations and comments presented on SFMC are solely those of the staff and experts quoted. They do not represent the opinions of the respective clubs to which each member belongs to or whether to specifically follow, how to follow, or why to follow traditional biker protocol. SFMC is a general guideline to traditional biker protocol that can be used in contemporary biker settings and environments.